BLICK Coupon for Chicago Urban Sketchers and Artists!

blick_coupon.jpgBLICK Art Materials is a proud Sponsor of the 2018 USK Chicago Sketch Seminar. To further their support of all artists, Blick is offering this 15% off entire purchase – in store only coupon to anyone who would like to use it.

Please go to this link to access the coupon.

Sponsor Announcement: Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants and Summer House Santa Monica


Last but not least, our final #USkChicago2018 Sketch Seminar Sponsorship announcement is all about food and drinks! If you are a Chicagoan then you know how great this news is to have the support of one of Lettuce Entertain You‘s fantastic restaurants. Summer House Santa Monica will be providing the snacks and cookies for our Opening Ceremonies and will be giving us a major assist for the food and drinks at our Closing ceremony. In addition, every participant will receive gift cards to Summer House and Stella Barra Pizzeria! Both have locations within a short Uber ride from our Seminar venue, Palette & Chisel. We recommend that our participants take full advantage of these gift cards because we know how great their food is. Thank you Summer House Santa Monica for your continued support of USk Chicago, we look forward to enjoying your delicious fare in 2 weeks!

Web:, Summer House Santa Monica
Facebook: @lettuceentertainyou, @summerhousesmnb
Instagram: @lettuceentertainyou, @ summerhousesm
Twitter: @LettuceEats, @summerhousenb
Snapchat: Snapchat
Pinterest: lettuce eats


Sponsor Announcement: General Pencil Co.


We are super excited to announce General Pencil Company as a valued Sponsor for our Sketch Seminar in June! They have put together an interesting pack that was customized for our group. Each participant will receive a Sketch N Wash soluble graphite pencil, a Black Layout Pencil, a Midnight Blue Pastel chalk pencil and a Container of their Master’s Brush Cleaner. The brush cleaner is great for all types of paint and comes with instructions on how best to use it. Thank you General Pencils for your year after year support of of our group and for producing reliable products since 1889!

Make sure to visit General Pencil Co’s website, and follow them on social media!

Facebook: @GeneralPencil
Twitter: @GeneralPencil
Instagram: @GeneralPencil

Sketch Seminar supplies information

img_9461If you are new to Urban Sketching, or are taking the plunge and trying out a new medium, you will have all of the supplies that you need in your goody bag, and additional Art supplies will be handed out at several workshops. You do not have to invest in brushes, watercolors, sketchbooks, pencils, color pencils etc, unless you would like to. This excludes any specific products that a workshop instructor may require or suggest for their workshop One Exception: If you are taking Uma, Paul, or Adriana’s watercolor workshops—One item that would be helpful for you to bring is a portable palette. It can be the small round plastic kind with a cover, or your choice of palette. You will be receiving Daniel Smith watercolors and will need a container to put them in. Have a great time at the Seminar!

— MJ

Sponsor Announcement: Caran D’Ache


We are happy to announce CARAN D’ACHE as a valued Sponsor for our 2018 Sketch Seminar in June. More products for our complimentary goody bags! Each Seminar participant will recieve a 4 pencil Artist set which includes a red Supracolor soluble pencil, a blue Permant color pencil, a Technograph pencil B, and a Techno soluble graphite B pencil . We will have 3 sets of the Caran d’Ache Grafwood 15ct Graphite pencil sets which come in a cool round tin, to hand out at our closing ceremony raffle. This company has a vast line of products – if you would like to know more , please go to their website at Thank You @caran_dache for being a valued Sponsor of Urban Skechers Chicago, we are very excited to introduce your high quality Swiss Made products to our group!

Facebook: @carandache.of.switzerland

Sponsor Announcement: Chartpak


Do you recognize this logo? If you are familiar with mainstay art supply companies such as Grumbacher, Higgins Inks, Koh-I-noor and Schmincke, then you know who Chartpak is. This loyal Sponsor made our goody bags for our sold out #UskChicago2018 Sketch Seminar in June a whole lot heavier! Each participant will receive a @kohinoor_hardtmuth Bristol Smooth 5.5”x8.5” sketchbook, a Koh-I-Noor tri-tone color pencil ( flame) and a Higgins Ink Black Magic ink marker. This brush marker covers evenly with an intense black. Our Instructor, Mark Jones, will be handing out a 12 ct Koh-I-Noor color pencil set with a tin case to all of his workshop students. A special thanks goes out to Ed Brickler for all of his help and support through the years to make our Seminars the best they can be. Thank you Chartpak for your Sponsorship and the major efforts you make to create and nurture the Art community.

Please check out Charpak’s social media links below:
Facebook: Charpak
Twitter: @Chartpak_Inc
Instagram: @kohinoor_hardtmuth